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Why do we need Car Diagnostic Systems?


Over the last few years cars have become much more complex, in an affort to cut emissions and to make cars more fuel efficient.


One of the consequences of this is a much heavier reliance on state of the art electronic control systems throughout the modern motor vehicle, some cars have in excess of 10 electronic control units.


Year on year the electronics become more complicated and although modern motor vehicles are reliable, modern electrical problems can be quite complex and it is definitely no longer an area where the indivual should try his or her DIY skills.


That is where we come in: using specialist equipment we can diagnose 90% of problems usually within a few minutes.


EOBD stands for European on Board Diagnostics


At the EOBD port we can plug in specialist electronic scan tools and take information or live data from various control units that are in the vehicle.


In the case of a warning light on your instrument panel, we would interrogate that particular system and reset any fault codes and advise of any problems.


What cars do we check?


We cover around 90% of vehicles, even more on the engine management side as the EOBD protocol is an industry standard in Europe.


What Systems to we cover?


This varies from one vehicle to another, but typically we cover the following systems:


Engine Management Systems


Airbag/SRS Systems


ABS/Traction Control Systems


Air Conditioning Systems


Automatic Transmission Systems


CANbus Systems


Chassis Network Systems


Diesel Management Systems


Immobiliser Systems


Key encode Systems


Service Light Resetting


Later vehicles have now got a CANbus system which is a very complex digital system that significantly reduces wiring requirements. Introduced by BOSCH the CANbus system is now and Internation Standard (ISO 11898)


A single pair of cables is all that is required to carry streams of data to control and operate many different functions of a vehicle at the same time.


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Thinking of buying another car or light commercial vehicle?


Let us undertake a quick 15 minutes visual inspection of the vehicle for you FREE OF CHARGE, then if something looks doubtful, why not get us to carry out a Full Diagnostic Check and give you an estimate for any remedial repairs.


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