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Is Synthetic Oil better for your engine?
Posted on 1 April, 2018

Oil the lifeblood of your engine

 We recommend and use Castrol oils as standard for our services. 


As the leading supplier and best known brand of motor oils Castrol is well placed to offer the best quality oil to look after your engine, prolong its life and run as efficiently as possible.


We can easily identify the right oil for your car whether it be Castrol GTX, Castrol Magnatec or Fully Synthetic Castrol Edge. 


These oils provide the latest engine protection technology and improved performance.


If your car is one of the growing makes of cars that needs a specific specification of oil, these are available from Castrol and all but the most specialist are kept in stock. 


Of course if you have your own brand of preference, we will be pleased to obatin such product on your behalf from our suppliers.


More technical information regarding the differences between basic engine oil and synthetic oils can be found at the following link